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The Turaco System

Fully-managed, IP-based, cloud platform

The Turaco system makes it extremely easy to begin offering security services to your customers. Once you sign on, the Turaco system is easily integrated into your existing infrastructure. There is no need to install new equipment, which means there is no capital out-of-pocket expense. Turaco is a fully-managed, IP-based cloud platform, which give you full control and visibility of all your customer security and safety services – all from your network operations center.

The turnaround time is almost immediate. You can begin to offer your customers security services to help protect them, their loved ones and their assets against intrusion, as well as deciphering threats brought on by a series of home hazards such as smoke, gas and liquid. Why wait? Start increasing your revenues and customer retention now.

The Security Components

All devices connected on one IP platform

Turaco uses premium, state-of-the-art equipment to monitor, protect and automate your customer’s home. More than a smart app or a surveillance camera, we connect the key devices in your home on one smart platform —seamlessly working together for optimum security and peace of mind.


With Turaco’s surveillance solution, your customers are able to see what they care about instantly on their smart phone or tablet. They can view what’s happening at their home in real time, and receive instant alerts with “smart clip capture” — never missing a moment with continuous recording. This makes it easier than ever before for them to check up on kids, pets and valuables.

In the event of an alarm or emergency, your customer is provided with an additional layer of security. The monitoring center takes control of the event and handles it professionally, with a dedicated set of tools provided by Turaco until the event is fully resolved.

Access Control

  • Gate Intercom & Granted Access Operation
  • Door Intercom & Granted Access Operation


A combination of sensors and detectors help protect every home asset. These include:

  • Main control panel
  • Backup battery
  • Siren
  • Door sensors
  • Pet immune motion sensor
  • Smartphone application
  • Yard sign and decals

Intrusion Detection Sensors

  • Small, well-designed and easy-to-install
  • Monitor opening/closing of nearly any door or window

Environmental Sensors

  • Wireless feed, monitored 24/7
  • Smoke and heat sensors are professionally monitored 24/7
  • Flood sensors with control center and smartphone warning; the control panel also sounds a loud notification
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