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We see each service provider as a long-term, strategic partner.



The Turaco solution enables service providers to start offering security services with no setup time. The benefits can impact your bottom line in various ways:

  • Increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU)
  • No need for CAPEX/capital investment
  • Improve customer retention, reduce churn
  • Enhance your image as an innovative provider
  • Provide a platform for future growth (telemedicine, home automation and more)
  • Leverage existing customer network assets

What you get is Valuable.
What you give is invaluable!

Fast and easy creation of Value Added Service

Leveraging the service provider’s existing network infrastructure and network operation center (NOC), the Turaco cloud-based services are privately hosted to ensure uninterrupted service. The addition of security services to your portfolio is simple and immediate.

Increase revenues without a wait

With a very simple addition of the Turaco Systems, service providers can maximize growth potential and begin selling home security services immediately. The overall solution brings an extremely high value-to-price ratio to providers, allowing them to take advantage of this opportunity — boosting revenues with minimal time-to-market.

Customer security – at an affordable cost

Our new, practical and efficiency-enhancing security service does more than keep a family safe and secure; it gives customers peace of mind and keeps them connected to their home wherever they are. The products are easy enough for every member of the family to operate, providing convenience, protection and peace of mind.

Increase customer retention – long term

In this competitive market, we recommend that every service provider have an extensive customer retention strategy in place. By expanding (and diversifying) your product portfolio with Turaco, you become a more attractive vendor to your end customers. With an affordable security offering, your customers will remain loyal for the long-term.